This Archive is an amalgamation of my thoughts, research and ideas – my effort to understand new and complex subjects. In the pursuit of knowledge we inherently become readers of great authors and students of history’s great teachers. But in order to truly master their work, we must also become authors and teachers in our own right. As Mortimer Adler said, “the person who says he knows what he thinks, but cannot express it, usually does not know what he thinks”. But, without the usual restraints of personalised discussion, blogs too often descend into vitriol and petty conflict. Rather than probe profound issues, they peddle superficial answers to mundane questions. Thus, you will find no stock recommendations, quarterly updates, or comment feeds in this Archive. Instead, you will find in-depth essays and memos, which explore a broad set of interests, as well as certain issues in business evaluation and security analysis. Where appropriate, I shall disclose whether Whig Capital, or a related party, holds a beneficial interest in the companies discussed.

If you would like to share your feedback – or even debate the issues – please feel free to contact me directly. Otherwise, thank you for your interest and happy reading.

Jordan. J. Shopov